Historic cars painting

The preservation of the originality

Gr Painting particularly cares about historic cars painting, in None (Turin) where is located. In a context in which is accostumed to face many complex difficulties in terms of quality of the finish, assembly, prototype and models of style painting addressed to the main international design labels, the results could not be more excellent. It was enough shifting the ways of searching perfection and flawlessness that are the common standards applied for the global creators cars nowadays.

The approach used by Gr Painting regarding historic cars painting is conservative, with the purpose of accurately reproducing the original composition of paints and  dyes. In this way the authenticity of the restructured model is guaranteed by a correct and strict methodology adopted, in order to preserve the vehicle contructive originality, ready to bring his owner back in time.

Painting is not only concerned with vintage vehicles but with any historic car and motorcycle as well. Gr Painting S.r.l focuses on both modern dream- car and the world automotive tradition patrimony, enhancing the value of the vehicles which have been dreaming previous generations and the next

The Gallery section, under heading “Historical Cars” shows pictures of the way we paint historical vehicles.