Product Design

  • verniciatura stampa-3d
  • Verniciatura Stereolitografia
  • Vernici per industrial design
  • Verniciatura oggetti produzione
  • Verniciatura plastica

Painting of industrial design objects

The industrial design field experiences constant evolution given the emergence of all kinds of production systems alongside conventional machinery. Stereo-lithography and sintering have now been joined on a massive scale by 3D printing and many other methods: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication), FTI (Film Transfer Imaging), MJM (Multi Jet Modelling) to mention but few – and of course Gr Painting has proved capable of adapting its know-how to meet all the prerogatives required by the application of such new materials.

From objects intended for industrial production to individual items

As regards the kinds of objects in model or study prototype form (for industrial output as well as individual pieces), Gr Painting can provide unlimited surface finishing and painting treatments for all items whether or not they are intended for mass production, even when several elements each require different treatments and painting: everything is handled quickly and easily entirely in-house.