Car Production – small scale

  • Verniciatura auto produzione serie, Maserati
  • Verniciatura piccole serie auto
  • Verniciatura preserie: Seat Ibiza
  • Verniciatura prototipi di pre-serie
  • Verniciatura piccole serie: Fisker

Small scale painting and pre-production prototypes

The far-reaching and constant expansion of Gr Painting following such continual success has helped the company over time to move into extremely broad operating areas that require not a technological background but especially structural and dimensional features capable of handling significant quantities of mass-produced articles, as is the case for finishing and painting of small scale production of cars or vehicles in general.

For the supply of bodywork prepared by the client, sanding, cleaning, painting, polishing and final quality control operations are performed to meet the customer’s technical specifications.

GR Painting is highly specialised in painting of pre-production prototypes, generally cars, and its know-how ensures progress in the most appropriate manner throughout the sequence of operations required:

  1.  Curing at 200 °C with computerised monitoring of temperatures
  2.  Pickling of the bodywork
  3.  Iso-cataphoresis with epoxy primers
  4.  New curing
  5.  Sealing and anti-rumble
  6.  Painting
  7.  Polishing