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Gr Painting: internationally renowned for high quality painting of prototypes and models

GR Painting S.r.l is a very modern company based in None, province of Turin. It has become a solid landmark on an international scale in the field of high quality painting of prototypes and models in many, highly diversified sectors: from automotive fields, boating, aeronautics and mass-produced objects through to furniture and architecture. From prototypes to small-scale production.

Painting: your product’s most tangible aspect

Painting is the final stage in the process of implementing our customers’ innovative ideas, and also the most tangible aspect since it comes into direct contact users. This is why staff at Gr Painting – boasting as many as 20 carefully selected professionals – is also highly specialized even in checking and adjusting surfaces and theoretical master lines in advance of the intrinsic product painting stage. Many years of collaboration with leading stylists and designers in Turin and on an international scale, as well various car-makers cyclically renewing their confidence by entrusting their models and prototypes (static and dynamic) to us, is a matter of immense pride for us and an assurance for you of professionalism and exceptionally high quality levels.

The founder: Roberto Gatto...

The history of GR Painting S.r.l. (originally founded as GR Painting prototypes and models di Roberto Gatto) is closely linked to the professional background of its founder and his long-term experience involving collaborations and consultations with leading model-making centres and painting facilities in the Turin area.

Roberto Gatto, esperto di verniciatura di alta qualità

A leading expert in painting and surface morphology of prototypes and models

Multifaceted experience developed over many years of passion and work with all kinds of companies – from modelling centres essentially focusing on designing volumes and dihedral profiles to professional painting companies – has meant that Roberto Gatto has become a widely acknowledged expert in painting and surface morphology of prototypes and models. He inspires all the staff at GR Painting with the same enthusiasm and the same professionalism, whereby the company is always able to provide highly specialised consultancy and a global service by no means limited only to painting for world-class clients.